Sports Court Lighting

Acrytech Sports Lighting

High Performance LED Light Systems

High quality sports court lighting makes the game more accessible. For many, playing court sports at night is not enjoyable and causes extreme eyestrain due to inadequate lighting and intense shadowing. By the age of 50, the average person has lost 50% of the function of the eye’s rods which allow for the perception of motion. The result is many elderly avoid night time tennis and pickleball altogether.  With modern high output and flicker free lighting technology, accessibility has drastically increased.

Acrytech Sports Lighting solutions are specifically designed for optical court performance where high visibility and tight min/max surface lumens are required. Each court is individually analyzed using advanced computer modeling to ensure adherence to the highest standards and the protocols of USTA & IES. It’s all made possible with precision engineered optics and large 5050 LEDs that deliver asymmetrical light distribution and transmittance up to 96.5%. There is no guess work involved. Our customers see the results before making a buying decision.

All lights are built in the USA.  Photocell and motion available.