The AcryTrack™ System

AcryTrack™ is a complete rubberized track system and is the most advanced on the market.

Our multi-layer, rubberized running track system utilizes the proven technology of GenFlo® latex products. The system consists of tack coat latex, binder coat and top coat (100% acrylic) for a long lasting track surface. Designed for durability and performance, AcryTrack is a good balance of strength and resilience to UV light, weather and aging.

Rubberized tracks employing latex binders provide good performance and durability, and creating a permeable, resilient surface. The materials are solvent-free and  provide a running surface that is more protective than many other materials.

The AcryTrack system is usually installed to a depth of 3/8″ to 1/2″. Typical usage is five layers of granule rubber particles, including recycled EPDM. The acrylic latex emulsion top coat is applied to provide excellent UV resistance and sheen.

The system can be black or colored.