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The ACRYTECH Colorguard System

ACRYTECH was designed and refined by professional recreational coating applicators. The goal was to have a user-friendly paint that looks great and lasts, ensuring customer satisfaction. Installers now love it for its superior workability, rich color and minimal streak finish. Players love it for its ideal ball speed, spin and color. Owners love it for its longevity and simply outstanding good looks.

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Pace Test

The Colorguard System has been pace tested, and is now certified at an ITF court pace of Medium.

Speed of Play Medium-Slow ITF Medium (standard) Medium-Fast
Sand Grade 80 mesh 80 mesh 80 mesh
Sand Qty 225 pounds 200 pounds 150 pounds
Water 15-18 gallons 15-18 gallons 15-18 gallons

White Line Paint

The final part of the ACRYTECH system, this bright white 100% acrylic textured heavy duty paint provides a slip and stain resistant finish.  ACRYTECH Line Primer is available for even sharper lines.


The top coat of the system.  This proprietary formulation uses only the highest quality pigments, UV Stabilizers and resins, creating a long lasting and durable fade resistant finish.

Acrylic Resurfacer

The "primer" of the system fills small voids and hides patchwork, old paint and other imperfections in preparation for the Colorguard.

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